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Our Story

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Tigerfn Sales is a company formed by passionate individuals that is on a mission to provide the Complete Worry-Free online shopping experience. We have quality merchandise with competitive prices and want to solve all kinds of problems related to ecommerce in a genuine way.  

Our motto

All we trust is our own hard work and vast knowledge of business. We have years of expertise in ecommerce which makes us true leaders. Our main objective is to:

  • Help customers save their time
  • Provide them with the best quality of products and services
  • Make it hassle free for them
  • Offer a Worry-Free shopping experience
  • Ultimately make them customers happy

Our belief

Tigerfn Sales believes that we are packing in happiness for their customers with each package. What more can you expect is to find honest traders looking to sell products at a fair price. This is how we have dealt with competition as that is all we know in the best ways. We look forward to build relationship with our customers and not just wait for them to leave, so that the next one comes in. We have embraced a friendly approach towards growth and doing so has helped us a lot as of now.

As a matter of fact, it has to be mentioned that  Prime Kitchen Gadgets is trying their best to synthesize great customer care with reliable services. Our platform is easy to use and our aim is to provide affordable merchandise. So far we have succeeded in accomplishing what we believe in. 






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