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(SET OF 5) Premium Quality Silicone Handle Holders for Hot Pans and Cast Iron Skillets

  • $ 2297


  • 5 peice set of Silicon Pot holders
  • Dishwasher safe and BAP Free
  • Protects hands up to 464 ºF
  • Fits perfectly with most skillets



WHY SILICONE  FOR KITCHEN? WELL WHY NOT SILICONE! Silicone is made of a combination of polymers of silicon, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen- all natural ingredients. It has low chemical reactivity, repels water, and is resistant to ozone, oxygen, and UV light, PLUS it doesn't support microbiological growth, and has low toxicity. It is, odorless, non-toxic , tasteless, non-leaching & non-corrosive. Silicone is a great, environmentally friendly, product for use in the kitchen and...just about everywhere else!

Silicone Hot Handle Holders. These are perfect for your cast iron skillets and all-metal cookware . These are perfect for using as trivets or as hot pads. They also work great for opening those tough jars 2 Silicone Assist Handles. These are perfect for getting the Le Creuset type cast iron pots out of the oven. They also work great for holding the assist handle found on may cast iron skillets



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